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Creative Portfolio

As a multi-disciplinary artist my creative output comes in many different forms -- stickers, fashion, films, writings, poems, plays, sculptures, paintings, advertisements, public service announcements the list goes on and on with my role being ever-changing throughout the different projects. the following portfolio includes examples of projects that reflect my practice...

Your Complacency Kills Us (Sculpture)

Head Artist/Designer

on the anniversary of the march for our lives we wanted to create an art activation that reflected the complacency in the US around mass violence. I locked myself in a room and doodled the original design that became the soccer field sized art activation. The make-shift graves outsize congress with huge bold lettering sent a direct message to DC leadership that "Your Complacency Kills US"

QR Flag Shirt


Developing the campaign around this QR American Flag to register kids to vote in the 2018 election we sold over 100,000 units along with registering over a million people to vote. This started a wave of QR clothing that has honestly become overwhelming.

Generation Lockdown (PSA)


Co-Writing the project with my brother Ryan Deitsch, this PSA was a collaborative effort with the advertising firm McCann. We won 6x Clio Awards, Cannes Lion "Grand Prix for good" award. My biggest contribution came in the later edits where I polished the piece with my brother and fellow MFOL members to ensure the authenticity and emotional weight of the piece.

GlobalFest meets Tiny Desk

Festival Director (for all 4 nights)

Due to the pandemic the in-person international music festival "GlobalFest" had to shift to online. Partnering with my long time collaborator Jammal Lemy we produced the virtual festival working with artists to ensure great capture and delivering the final edits in collaboration with NPR Tiny Desk and Bob Boilen. Producing 4 nights w/ 4 artists/bands a night.

Youth - Shawn Mendes Ft. Khalid (Music Video)


Big budget music video for the song Youth by Shawn Mendes and Khalid. I facilitated the vision for the video with director Anthony Mandler and Apple's Larry Jackson.

My First Time... (PSA)

Head Writer

Wrote this PSA in collaboration with Mark Ruffalo (The Avengers) and his creative team to promote registering to vote in 2018. This video was one part of the historic voter registration day in which over 800k people registered to vote around our activations. 

OUT (Short Film)

Assistant Director

OUT, an LGBTQ+ short film directed by Greg Michael Blanchard and written by Aldo Gallinar tells a love story between two young men. After being denied by many film festivals we put the film on YouTube where it became a slow developing hit reaching over 200k views and having clips circulate millions of times on tiktok connecting to LGBTQ youth.

#WhyDoYouVote? (PSA)


Directed and CoWritten by Darren Aronofsky this PSA was sponsored by the Sierra Club and focused on getting Gen Z youth to register to vote for the 2018 election.

Times Square (Advertisemnet)


developed the concept and execution of a multi-screen times square advertisement to bring awareness to US gun violence.

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