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Project History

Projects range from national tours, international advocacy/protest campaigns, the largest youth led day of protest in recent history, PSAs, documentary films, concerts, live political events, lectures, books, art installations, music videos, conferences, Truth and reconciliation etc. etc. etc.


Progressive International

Development Coordinator - Q3/4 2022

A world-movement-leading progressive member-led organizing entity consisting of hundreds of political organizations. Provided high level strategy and tactics for fundraising, messaging and list building. Coordinated programming, electoral observation support, newsletters and coalition building.

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People's Filibuster

Political Strategist Consultant - Q1/2 2022

24/7 People's Filibuster -- I organized a unique coalition of gun violence advocates from clergy to gun owners to survivors to policymakers. This group testified to congress and the nation for days on end until the first gun violence bill in my lifetime was passed. My work focused on the pressure building campaign, specifically targeting 10 states where we could get the votes (and we did.) My biggest contributions came from building the messaging strategy along with constructing the leadership council.



Youth Campaign Strategist - Early Winter 2021-22

Facilitated research around social isolation and Gen-Z. Led interactive workshops to develop a campaign strategy alongside gathering participatory research and ensuring young people are getting involved at the front end of the internal conversations.



Winter 2022 - Political and Youth Strategist

Participated in early planning sessions to build a youth fellowship program for Nationswell. Facilitated conversations and workshops with other young people to build the foundation for the developing program.


The Worker's Lab

Spring 2021 - Political and Youth Strategist

Worked as an auxiliary team member advising non-profit campaign strategy around political education/organizing for gig-workers. Advising on creative, messaging, impact goals and overall vision for materially supporting gig-workers during the pandemic.


Tiny Desk meets GlobalFest Virtual Festival

January/February 2021 - Video Producer - Festival Production Team Member

Unable to convene in Brooklyn, artists from double-digit countries worked virtually to create 4 incredible nights of live music. Handling the video production duties for a video festival put us in seemingly endless zoom meetings planning out every production with each artist and host Angelique Kidjo before handling the edit/sound in collaboration with NPR Tiny Desk's incredible team. The opportunity to produce double-digit Tiny Desks was a dream come true.


State of Youth

January 2021- Present - Creative and Political Strategy

Consulting on campaign strategy we help grow membership along with the building out of pressure campaigns for youth issues that target the UN/international leaders. Helping pressure global leaders towards a people's vaccine and organizing programming for menstrual health education have been a few campaigns we have led in 2021.


El Tiempo Latino

2021 Q1 - Present - Journalist - Researcher

Consulting on political strategy and education while contributing through long-form interviews. Large assignments so far have included the growing latino vote and the unionization efforts at Amazon in Alabama.


Becoming America Festival

November 2020 - Festival Producer - Youth Engagement Strategist

We tapped into the audiences of the most influential voices in art, pop culture and activism to reach eligible voters across America. With the support of almost 50 celebrities and influencers, the Becoming America Festival received over 16,000,000 views across all content, including Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and YouTube.

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For Freedoms Congress

Q4 2019- Q1 2020 - Festival Producer - Content Curation, Direction and Production

Largest gathering of political artists in US history. Members from all 50 states gathered to strategize around the 2020 election. The programming and content made up a majority of the work at the conference while the conference itself was a launch pad to impactful creative advocacy work.


Bernie Sanders for President

2020 Q1 - Q2 - Policy Advisor - Content Strategist - Campaign Surrogate

Spearheading Bernie Sander's campaigns involvement in the gun violence prevention space I coordinated all policy and interactions with the greater movement space. Speaking across the country and coordinating endorsements while facilitating greater campaign strategy led


Youth Bail Fund

Summer 2020 - Organizer

Utilizing our connections to many politically active millennials / gen-z my friends and I raised money and identified young organizers that needed jail/bail support. We worked to ensure frontline young protestors during the largest social movement in US history had material support.


Data For Progress

Q3 2019 - Pollster - Writer - Researcher

Joining the fellowship program to advise on gun violence prevention polling led to the publishing of a poll and policy memo.

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