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Multi-Hyphen Projects

Projects geared towards impact require an intimate understanding of how everything is truly connected. To grasp something means to understand it from the root. These projects were each opportunities to have a positive output on the world.I hope by organizing and showcasing them all here you will take the opportunity to do good work as well.


These are projects gear towards creative/film/music/advocacy. This skillset reflects an ability to convey important information, calls to action and emotional urgency. Training directly under Harvard professor Marshall Ganz and studying at Santa Monica College, The New School and under collaborators such as Darren Aronofsky, Jenny Holzer, X Gonzalez and Jammal Lemy. (These projects are detailed below.)


Running advocacy in the United States is an ever-changing battlefield. Having organized four national tours, hundreds of town halls, thousands of voter registration drives and even more digital/grassroots organizing, my expertise in campaigns is simply building up a unique coalition to create momentum in the direction of our cause.

International Work

After organizing travel all across the domestic United States I also organized political education trainings in Northern Ireland, South Africa and the Netherlands. Working in structural advising for international NGO's such as Amnesty International and KidsRights while both directly advising and pressuring many international corporations to detach from the military industrial complex and facilitate pro-democracy efforts.

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